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"Quick!"! Catch up! We can't let that bitch get away! Behind him, the original wife was still shouting and cursing arrogantly, directing the two men to catch up. Pity they were in such a hurry that they only had time to put on a pair of trousers and came after them with bare arms. Cheng Jin Xi, however, had already taken advantage of this gap to go down the stairs quickly. A path rushed out, Li Xiaodan and Zhang Huang ran in a panic, and saw this scene with the same round eyes! "Jin Xi!"! Sister Jingru! "丹丹 ! Where's the guy you called? Call them quickly! Cheng Jinxi carried Feng Jingru and shouted. Li Xiaodan is stupefied, did not understand, but when seeing the two men that catch up with, understand immediately come over, say at once: "They came!"! Five or six came! I called the police! Feng Jingru was thrown on the shoulder, Cheng Jinxi's thin and prominent bones made her feel painful and wanted to come down, but Cheng Jinxi held her legs so tightly that she was afraid of struggling too much and falling down directly, so she could only grit her teeth and endure it. At this moment, when I heard the alarm, I suddenly felt excited. How can the police know when something like this happens? Then her life is ruined! The two men, who had been running around with bare arms, were suspicious enough, but when they heard that the other side had called someone, they hesitated and their pace gradually slowed down. Li Xiaodan followed Cheng Jinxi and looked back as she ran. Out of the alley, just as a taxi came,fish measuring tape, she rushed up and stopped, opened the door and let Cheng Jinxi sit in with Feng Jingru in her arms. When the driver saw the three girls, he was naturally suspicious and his eyes were a little strange. Cheng Jinxi gasped and quickly explained, "Master, we met a bad guy who wants to kidnap us. Please drive faster!" Master listens, looked at the appearance of Feng Jingru from the rearview mirror again, immediately indignant: "This is too rampant!"! You should call the police! Cheng Jinxi immediately stopped: "No, Shifu,Horse weight lbs, they have a strong background. It's useless!"! Please drive faster! Li Xiaodan reported the address, the master answered, hurriedly speed up. Looking back, the two men stopped at the entrance of the alley, and soon the original wife caught up with them, but they could only look at the tail of their car and shout abuse. Romance Chapter 54 you'd better ask her about these things. As night fell, the streets were lit up with neon lights. Feng Jingru quietly pulled the sheets on her body and leaned softly on the back seat. Her blue and purple face looked at the flashing lights outside, and two lines of tears fell silently. Cheng Jinxi looked back at her and saw that the moist tears on her face reflected the colorful neon lights, which set off her loneliness and misery more and more, and she felt sad for a moment. Several of them came out of an orphanage and had no father, no mother and no dependence. After she was taken in by Yao Bangming and his wife, she was humiliated and abused, but at least she could go to school and have a place to live. The three of them dropped out of junior high school and began to work everywhere to support themselves. She understood that they were all forced by life and were afraid of poverty, so when there was a "way out", even though she knew that the road was wrong, Wheel tape measure ,horse weight tape, she could not help but go up. Li Xiaodan, the front copilot, looked back at them and was scared to tears. Sister Jingru, what happened? Do you want to call the police? Li Xiaodan is actually a timid person who is afraid of this kind of thing and trembles when he speaks. Feng Jingru hurriedly wiped away her tears, gathered up the sheets on her body, and forced a smile: "It's all right." I met the bad guys and was kidnapped by them. She said this and looked back at Cheng Jinxi. Cheng Jinxi understood what it meant and turned his head away without exposing it. In fact, even if she did not "remind", she would not expose it. She doesn't have to add insult to injury in other people's lives. The reason why she took the risk to save them was because of the friendship between the four of them since childhood, and she, as the youngest one, had been the object of care by the two sisters and Big Brother Pei. Li Xiaodan did not doubt it, but thought that Jingru sister was beautiful and was targeted by bad people. The taxi soon arrived at their rented place, and Li Xiaodan got off, but she didn't have enough money to pay the fare. Fortunately, Pei Chu, who answered the phone and rushed home early, rushed out as soon as he heard the sound of the car and saw them. "Pei Chu, I have no money!"! You give the master money! Li Xiaodan, together with Cheng Jinxi, helped the discomfited Feng Jingru out of the car and shouted back to the man. Pei Chu sees Feng Jingru's appearance, complexion changes greatly, did not have time to care about then hurriedly gave the master the car money first. When he went back to the house to catch up, Feng Jingru had already entered Li Xiaodan's room. Dandan, come in. Feng Jingru gathered the sheets on her body, pinched her fingers tightly, looked at Li Xiaodan and said this, her eyes fell on Cheng Jinxi lightly and coolly, and smiled slightly, "Jinxi, thank you today, you have a rest first." Cheng Jinxi understood that Feng Jingru did not want her to go in and get along with her. She could also understand, because only she could see the embarrassment and humiliation with her own eyes. When the door of the room closed, Pei Chu turned to look at Cheng Jinxi with a solemn face. "What's going on?"? Where did you find the man? Cheng Jinxi did not know how to explain all this, but also to take into account Feng Jingru's dignity, he had to say: "These things, you still wait for Jingru sister to calm down, ask her." Pei Chu eyebrows more and more tight, although there are doubts, but did not continue to ask. Cheng Jinxi originally wanted to leave, but after one more layer of consideration, he did not dare to go. Since the original wife has a background, it is very likely that she will come here again. What if she leaves and the bad guys come again? Romance Chapter 55 gratitude or doubt? In the room. Feng Jingru left the sheets and looked at Li Xiaodan: "Dandan, lend me a set of your clothes. I'll wear them back and change them for you." Li Xiaodan looked at the shocking scars on her body, tears could not stop falling, Wen Yan hurriedly turned to look for clothes. Sister Jingru, what happened? Those bad guys are so hateful. Since you escaped, why didn't you call the police? Watching Feng Jingru slowly put on her clothes in pain,tape measure clip, Li Xiaodan sobbed and asked as she helped. Feng Jingru said lightly: "There are some things in this world, the police can not control, you are too simple." 。 tapemeasure.net