Curse Love Record 2 (Modern Paranormal Fantasy) Author: PS Forgot

 The man indifferently took the soft sword instead of the blazing soul whip at his side, methodically put down the drunken Si Qianxu, let him lie down on the wooden table, and then stood up and looked back. In the dark corner, the old woman in a white linen shirt raised her head and looked at him with her eyes. The candlelight flickered and shone on her face, showing a series of ferocious traces of light and shadow. Her skin was as withered as bark, her eyes were as swollen as dead fish, her eyes were cloudy, her skin was as pale as plaster on the wall, and her lips were as red as if she had licked blood and were slightly cracked like a smile. Her body stood there stiffly, as terrible as a ghost crawling out in the middle of the night. Baili Mengyan glanced thoughtfully at the old woman and found that there was no change in the smell of the living person. However Out of the corner of his eye, he fell on the groundless spear beside him and frowned slightly. The force of such an attack is not made by this old woman who does not know what it is, so that is to say. The silver soft sword suddenly touched the ground with the tip of the sword, and the whole person of Baili Mengyan took advantage of the situation and jumped into the air. The silver light was like lightning, and the soft sword from the bottom to the top brought up a whistling wind. There is another enemy here. As soon as his hand stagnated, the soft sword had struck a huge shadow, and the huge gravity forced him back to the ground, and the other side had to turn back and fall in the opposite direction of the old woman, putting Baili Mengyan in the middle. The branches rattled and the lantern shook violently, but it never went out, emitting a pale light around it, lengthening the shadow of every creature or object. Si Qianxu slept quietly at the table, with a delicate and feminine zero-degree ice flame standing behind him with a sword in his hand,massage bathtub manufacturers, and a sharp light shining in his deep Danfeng eyes. Under the black crystal-like night, he also saw the true face of the huge shadow. It was a two-meter-high, three-meter-long, lion-shaped beast with long brown hair, light golden hair on its neck, black eyes as big as copper bells, fierce eyes, and a dark horn with a thick arm on its forehead, which was extremely sharp at first sight,Whirlpool bathtub, and a tail as hard as an iron chain behind it. The giant beast landed on all fours, staring coldly at Baili Mengyan, as if there were still some disdain, and the vicious and fierce bloody breath all over his body was enough to make countless demons and monsters retreat. The zero-degree ice flame glanced at the dark unicorn who had just received a blow from the soft sword but was intact, and his eyes moved. The old woman, who was manipulated by the puppet line, was not as flexible as the spirit, and could not get any advantage everywhere. The diminutive Night Kun beast pulled himself out of the pincer attack of Baili Mengyan and Ice Dragon and stood on the bamboo pole of the wooden cart with white lanterns, gnashing his teeth: "It's really mean!" "A soldier never tires of cheating." Baili Mengyan Huijian stood on the top of the ice dragon's head, dressed in a dark blue, wide-sleeved,garden jacuzzi tub, long, double-breasted, plum pattern clothes flying like a butterfly spreading its wings. His black shoulder-length hair shed a dark shadow on his incredibly beautiful face. He stood facing the enemy in an understatement.