Korean entertainment fantasy

A group of crew members, together with a large number of guards, set off for the shooting site as if they were going for a spring outing. The Great Wall is a general term for the large-scale military projects built by ancient China in different periods to resist the invasion of the nomadic tribal alliance north of the Great Wall. The Great Wall stretches tens of thousands of Li from east to west, so it is also called the Great Wall. The existing remains of the Great Wall are mainly the Ming Great Wall built in the 14th century, from Jiayuguan in the west to Hushan in Liaodong in the east, with a total length of 8851.8 kilometers, an average height of 6 to 7 meters and a width of 4 to 5 meters. The Great Wall is a great miracle created by the ancient working people of ZG and a witness to the long history of ZG. Together with the Terracotta Warriors, it is regarded as the symbol of ZG by the world. What a magnificent building! Han Xing, Li Xiaoli and Li Tianshu sat on the tour bus and set out for the Great Wall. Looking at the magnificent and towering Great Wall standing in front of them, the shock was beyond words, especially Li Xiaoli, who came to the Great Wall for the first time, could not help but exclaim. Li Tianshu, who was opposite Han Xing and Li Xiaoli, was already shocked and speechless, murmuring in his mouth, repeating'Dafa! Dafa! ' The Korean star on one side looked at the Great Wall, a magnificent building symbolizing the spirit and soul of the Chinese nation,jacuzzi bath spa, and was always in a daze. The Korean star had also been to the Great Wall in his previous life. At that time, as a pure ZG person, the Korean star was proud of himself. In this life, the Korean star changed his identity and came to the Great Wall. The feeling in his heart was really endless and could not be expressed in words. When they arrived at the top of the mountain station of the tour bus, they immediately needed to take the tour bus down. In the camera, there was a scene of a Korean star chasing Lee Hyori to the tour bus. After a brief negotiation with the person in charge of the tour bus. And the shooting began. The mysterious woman played by Li Xiaoli ran down from the Great Wall first, and the young man who pursued Li Xiaoli,5 person hot tub, played by Han Xing, followed closely. Unfortunately, Han Xing failed to catch Li Xiaoli this time as usual. Li Xiaoli left in a tour bus first. And the departure of the tour bus has a specified time, so Han Xing has to wait. After fruitless negotiations with the staff, Han Xing anxiously looked at Li Xiaoli, who was fading away. The deep expression on his face revealed how anxious he was. Finally can start, Han Xing can't wait to sit on the next cable car, looking at the front of Lee Hyori Han Xing lying on the glass watching, this kind of close but can not touch the feeling is so hard. Li Xiaoli, who was sitting on a cable car in front of him, also looked back at Han Xing and smiled. Then he thought of something. He took out a photo from his carry-on bag and pasted it on the glass. Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. At the same time, Han Xing's mobile phone also wanted to, Han Xing hurriedly picked up the mobile phone to answer, endless swim spa ,best whirlpool tub, "FIND ME!" Li Xiaoli said and hung up the phone. ". Han Xing looked at his cell phone and sighed. It was the first time he had heard Lee Hyori's voice. The beautiful voice was as charming as Lee Hyori's beauty, but like the rainbow after the rain, he could not touch it. Soon Li Xiaoli's cable car was the first to arrive at the station, Li Xiaoli took his mobile phone to the Korean star who was still in the air and turned away with a smile. And Han Xing's cable car also arrived at the station, knowing that it was impossible to find Lee Hyori, but Han Xing still couldn't help looking around, trying to find Lee Hyori's figure. But just like the previous times, Lee Hyori's figure could no longer be found. Han Xing shook his head dejectedly and tore off the photo on the glass. It seemed that he needed to embark on the journey of searching again. Because the whole journey of the Great Wall is too long, it is not realistic to finish all the shooting, so the crew also chose to shoot a commercial in the middle, and the guards have been following Han Xing and others, although the Great Wall climbing is very tired, but can be so close contact with idols that the guards are satisfied. Now is not the tourist season, and the location chosen by the crew is in the middle part, so there are no tourists passing by, which seems a bit desolate under the camera, so Jiang Zaixing also let Han Xing mobilize the guards who followed him to make a guest appearance. With the influence of the Korean star in the Praetorian Guard, no matter what request the Korean star makes, the Praetorian Guard will comply with it no matter how difficult it is, let alone such a simple request, that is, to make tourists walk around at will and take pictures from time to time. Is there anything simpler than this? What's more, guest appearances in the works of Korean stars are the capital to show off with other guards, and the guards are certainly happy to do so. After simply arranging the tasks of the guards, the shooting officially began. This time, the Korean youth played by Han Xing came to the Great Wall according to Li Xiaoli's tips. While Han Xing kept sighing at the grandeur of the Great Wall, he was also looking for Li Xiaoli's figure. Han Xing followed the tourists to a beacon tower for a short rest. Just as Han Xing was taking pictures of the Great Wall with his mobile phone while resting, a person passed by Han Xing, the familiar back, the familiar taste, holding the same mobile phone as himself, Han Xing instantly reacted that the person who had just walked past was not the mysterious woman he was pursuing? When Han Xing got up to chase, he saw Li Xiaoli turn around and smile at Han Xing and began to run, and then Han Xing chased after him. “CUT! Very nice Because the previous shot has been shot, so this shot is over here, and then connect the two shots together in post-production, so Jiang Zaixing also called a halt. Thank you for your help! After the shooting was finished, Han Xing smiled and thanked the guards who were trying to make a simple guest appearance. It was our pleasure to help ApollO! Don't you think so? The neat shouts of the guards made the Korean star very happy. The smile on his face was so sincere. What else could the Korean star ask for with such fans? A Xing Xiao Li, what are your plans next? Jiang Zaixing smiled and patted Korean star Lee Hyori, who was chatting with the guards. The successful completion of the Great Wall shot made Jiang Zaixing feel much more relaxed. The advertisement, which took a month to shoot,hot tub wholesale, had only the last Korean shot left. Hehe, I'm going to take Sister Xiaoli to climb the Great Wall. Director Jiang, will you come with me? Han Xing smiled at Jiang Zaidao. monalisa.com