Notes on raising children in primitive society

This rainbow fart blows, and I don't know how to respond to her. At this time, Hu Sen came over. He said with a smile, "Yes, yes, God has blessed Ah Xi, and he has blessed us. Although there was an earthquake before the big flood season this year, our people are all right, and we have harvested more prey than in previous years, enough for us to eat until winter." When Shi Qinglang passed by and heard them talking, he nodded, "Yes, you can predict the earth's movement in advance. Ah Xi, you are really blessed by God!" Xi:.. She had never been praised like this since she was a child, and she really wanted to clarify for herself. However, out of the corner of her eye, when she saw the old mother smiling at her, she suddenly realized that all these praises were deliberately piled on her by the old mother. But why? As the days went by, it rained heavily, and the air in the cave was hot and humid. Everyone followed Xi's method,jacuzzi manufacturers, fumigated the cave with wormwood, and paid special attention to personal hygiene. During this period, no one got sick. People idle down, it is easy to have an accident, Shi Shi that two women in a circle of fat, began to look for trouble everywhere. These two women, a little taller called Shi Hua, a little shorter called Shi Nan, at the beginning they did not oppose Shi Qinglang,outdoor endless pool, agreed to Shi's merger into Jiang's, Shi's man looking for Jiang's girl union, but when one of them had a stroke, one of them had a stroke, things became difficult. These two people are very picky. The men they like are either strong and hunting, or they are very good to their wives. They don't care whether they have a partner or not. They express their love in front of the whole tribe and threaten to give birth to babies for the two men. Shi Qinglang scolded them, but they scolded Shi Qinglang instead, saying that he was greedy for Jiang's food, so he let Shi destroy it and exchange the rest of Shi's people at will. They were Shi's women, and they meant what they said. They didn't agree! Jiang Tang couldn't bear it. "Yes," he scolded, "you're Shi's women. Then go back to Shi's. We don't want you to join us.". With you gone, we've saved enough food to last us a few more days. "That's what you Jiang volunteered to save us, and we didn't ask you!" Shi Hua rolled her eyes. She was about the same age as Xi. Her child was killed when Yun attacked the tribe. She was not sad. She just wanted to find a man to live with and have another girl. Xi is also very angry, when they came back, they did not say anything, now take good care of the body to recover, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,endless swimming pool, began to look for trouble, as if Jiang Shi is willing to save them. Also, the most unpleasant thing is that the stone flower is looking at the wind. After the stream came through, she was afraid of being hurt by the future big brother, so she deliberately separated from him. Her approach was extreme, but more out of her own protection. What she said is what I said. Shi's people don't know good people. They don't need to stay any longer." "But we don't all think so. We Shi's men all want to stay and live a good life." Shi Qinglang tried to defend himself. From a practical point of view, if they are driven away, they can not survive independently, moreover, Jiang Shixi,outdoor hot tub, but a witch disciple with sorcery power, has her tribe, absolutely can develop and grow.