Sea of clouds and the edge of a jade bow

At most, we will perish together! "Is your life so worthless?" The girl sneered? Just want Meng Shentong to accompany your life? Besides, Meng Shentong is protected by his disciples, and his Younger Martial Brother has practiced to the fifth level. If you want to perish with him, I'm afraid it's not yet It must be possible! As soon as Jin Shiyi's heart moved, he heard that what she said was reasonable. He stayed and thought, "Listen to her tone. Can she understand it?" Save? But with Jin Shiyi's temper, he was unwilling to accept Li Qinmei's favor, but how could he beg her? The girl had already seen Jin Shiyi's heart and said with a smile, "Jin Shiyi, I beg you one thing!" "Me," said Jin Shiyi. What else can I do to help you with hemiplegia? "I beg you to avenge me," said the girl. I don't have Shura Yin Sha Gong. Learn,Fish measuring board, but in today's world, I am the only one who knows how to save. You look strange, don't you? You probably want to Q: How can you know how to save if you don't know this kind of kung fu? That's because Meng Shentong only stole the three secrets of practicing Xiuluo Yin Sha Gong. Ji, the way to save, but still remain in my hands. Would you like to make a deal with me? I will save you, and you will help me recover. Enmity? Jin Shiyi was so clever that he knew the girl's intention as soon as he heard it. "How easy is it to take revenge on Meng Shentong?" He asked? Maybe Three years, five years, or even eight or ten years can't avenge this. Once I make a promise, I have to be bound by her and ignore me. Whether you like it or not, you're going to make friends with her. But the world in addition to this woman surnamed Li, and no one can save, is it? I am willing to become a basket case from now on. To know that death is not uncomfortable, half dead that is the most uncomfortable thing. Jin Shiyi changed his mind "How do you know it's not her good intentions?" He asked? She was afraid that I would not accept her offer, so she put forward this idea and said yes. She begged me so as not to hurt my face. Jin Shiyi guessed well that the woman really had both ideas and wanted to be bound. Jin Shiyi was afraid that he would not accept it. That woman waited a little while, do not see answer, laugh: "How?"? Don't you want me to beg you? Such a deal, let's. Is it not the best not to suffer losses and not to touch anyone's favor? Jin Shiyi sighed in his heart and said, Pi tape measure ,Walking tape measure, You detoxify me, I avenge you, and that's it. "Close your eyes," said the woman. "Why?" Asked Jin Shiyi. "I'm afraid you'll be afraid," said the woman. Jin Shiyi laughed and said, "I don't know anything in the world that scares me." The woman gazed and smiled and said: "Really?" Jin Shiyi's heart trembled, somehow, unexpectedly felt that this woman was somewhat terrible! The woman ZhuangRong said: "Not only must you not be afraid of me, but you must trust me absolutely." Jin Shiyi laughed and said, "I'm sick now." Of course, the patient has to listen to the doctor. You can do it, I'm not afraid! The woman took out a handful of silver needles, two each. "If you're not afraid, just watch," he said. Never exercise against each other.  The pain was good, but the itching was unbearable. Jin Shiyi laughed unconsciously and said Also strange, after a smile, suddenly feel relaxed, not only the pain is greatly reduced, even the blood is also unblocked. The woman giggled: "At least you're afraid you haven't washed your body for six or seven years. Your feet are smelly. You're still laughing." "Where?" Said Jin Shiyi. Here, I was bathing in the clear stream the day before yesterday. Although Jin Shiyi knew that the woman was joking, he also felt embarrassed. The woman's palm was soft and slippery, and Jin Shiyi was gently massaged by her. There is a strange feeling that can not be said, and my heart is full of thoughts. Surge, even the itch is not felt,Adhesive fish ruler, this is to suppress the laughter. After a while, there was a stream of hot air rising from the Yongquan cave. Turn the whole body, and the cold air gradually emanates.